We are inviting you to a challenge to all who want to join in.....a challenge to Love! Want to join? OK then, just begin to think loving thoughts, treat others with love, respect, kindness and compassion. Practice loving allowance for all. And, for those of you who would choose to also show your love financially, donate to your favorite charity or give a dollar, a meal or a pair of shoes to those less fortunate. 

How different our personal world would be if we focused on love and loving. How different our families would be if we focus on love and loving. And how different our world would be if we focused on love and loving.

I Vote For Love came about during the 2016 Presidential Elections. With all the negative political rhetoric that was going on, it seemed like a good idea to add some Love into the arena. Now that we have gone through other elections, we have seen that this message is timeless. The message and Love Challenge from "I Vote For Love" is timeless. Simply, it is a reminder about the power and focus that Love can do in our lives, for our country and for our world. Just imagine Love being triumphant over the bullying, the terrorism fears and the violence. That Love is triumphant over the negativity that pours out so easily and permeates our country, our neighborhoods, our homes and, most importantly, our lives. We see and hear about the heartbreaking stories through social media, the television news, the internet and our cell phones.  Instead of hate, let's use the language of LOVE, COMPASSION and ACCEPTANCE.

Love is the language of the heart. Love is the action of the heart. I Vote For Love is about a daily choice towards Love and Loving. Let's put a little Love into our lives and share that towards everyone we see, if not in our actions, then in our thoughts and hearts. 

Ready for the Love Challenge? Once you begin to practice conscious love and loving, you have joined the Love Challenge....how simple is that......now go out and LOVE and ENJOY!


Artwork by Mary Richardson