We are two people who have dedicated most of our lives to the practice of love and loving. We were married December 31, 1983, combined our four amazing children into a blended family that has since grown into four amazing in-law children and 7 amazing grandchildren. We live in Mesa, Arizona and work in Scottsdale. 
Our journey to today has included a day at a time recovery from addictions, trauma and codependence that started in 1976 for Ken and 1982 for Mary. We have a belief in a Loving God that lives in our hearts, minds and spirits and guides and directs our lives everyday. We were taught that fear and love do not co-exist at the same time, that we are either in one consciousness or the other. We do our best to live in a love consciousness, but as we are human beings and imperfect by design, we make mistakes. Always those mistakes create a pain of some kind.  Love has always healed that pain. We are not unlike anyone else that has experienced challenges in their lives and have worked to overcome those challenges. The practice of love and loving has aided us in overcoming the challenges that we faced and we believe that love and loving can aid any of us, our country and our world in overcoming any challenge that comes our way.

We hope that this website helps to carry the message of hope and love and we thank you for visiting.

In Love,

Ken and Mary Richardson